Is the future of Cloud Computing in Space? Starlink,Space Belt,Lockheed Martin and AWS.

Cloud computing is a market growing yearly by a double digit factor.

From 2018 to 2019 the players in the market have doubled their revenue and reached most of the enterprises.

It is really interesting to see that China with Alibaba went from a really small market share to be the 3rd Public Cloud Market Share provider

But is it really the end of innovation in Cloud?

Most of the consultancy are advocating the implementation of a combination of 5G and optic fiber in the future of cloud. However there is much faster way of communication than the ones wrote above.

Light in vacuum travel 47% faster than glass. According to Mark Handley, communication professor in University College of London, a communication via Starlink would take as low as 43 ms for a distance from Europe to US, against 59.95 ms of an optical fiber ( the Hibernia Express Cable, built across the Atlantic Ocean to connect the Financial Data Centers is 39.4% slower than Starlink)

Other innovative companies like Italian Leonardo’s Telespazio and Cloud Constellation Corporation are starting to market DSaaS ( Data Security as a Service) as more secure way to store and compute data in a network that is not linked to terrestrial global data centers and mitigate attack risks.

Players in the constellation satellite business such as Telesat and Oneweb already started to build their own megaconstellations

Meanwhile Lockheed Martin has revealed to be in the talk with AWS to possibly supply cloud services.

Amazon has confirmed in its MARS conference the interest to enact the Kuiper project, a network of 3,236 satellites to provide internet everywhere in the world.While AWS is a laggard in this type of business it has the reputation and resources to close the gap.

Most of people would say that satellite internet technology is still at the infancy but just today we had proof that Starlink internet is up and running

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